Welcome to My Folksy Home’s Blog!

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I love what I do! Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to do what I love…thrift shopping, painting vintage furniture in fun colors, spending an afternoon at my sewing machine, looking for the perfect color for a client’s room… For the longest time I’ve been asked, “Fran, why don’t write a blog, detailing all the interesting ( and crazy) projects ┬áthat you’re always doing?” The problem is I’d rather being DOING the projects instead of writing about them. So setting up this website/blog and writing my story took time and work and ALOT of it!

Writing the stories about my journey and the process of remodeling my home forced me to think about that time, some of which was very difficult. What was tougher was the technical parts of setting up a blog and then choosing from so many cool templates…then so many font choices…. Any way I finally made it! It’s going to require some further tweaking, but as you can see I’m pulling out my hair. So it’s finally time to bite the bullet and just hit “publish.”

I need to go back to something more calming … like sanding a sideboard or rearranging furniture.